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Business Aspects

14 Jul 2013. “I-70 East project draws familiar faces.”

11 Mar 2015. "CDOT Looking for Partners to Build $1 Billion I-70 East Project through Denver."

27 Mar 2015. ”Privatize I-70 work? With gas tax revenues flat, CDOT says it's a logical move.” 


22 Sep 2008. “America’s Least Wanted Highways.”

31 Mar 2009. “I-76/I-270 Replacement of Elevated I-70.”

03 May 2012. Former Denver planning director Peter Park's view.”  

23 Sep 2012. “Planners suggest rerouting I-70 out of central Denver.”      

03 Jul 2013. “Revising how I-70 serves city.”

2013. “Trench  Warfare: An Overview of the I-70 Viaduct Debate.”

13 Feb 2014. “Tear Down These 10 Freeways! (And Then Tear Down Some More).”

29 Mar 2014. “Barnes-Gelt: Still time to amend Denver I-70 plan.”

03 Apr 2014. “Denver auditor Gallagher balks at I-70 expansion plan.”

07 Apr 2014. “Denver Auditor Blasts Plan to Widen I-70: “Ten Lanes Is Not an Option.”

15 Jul 2014. “Other Cities Look to Tear Down Their Old Highways, But Not Denver.” e-more/

24 Jul 2014. “Subtle Signs of Progress in the Urban Highway Debate.”  

24 Sep 2014. “Competing Interests Complicate I-70's North Denver Future.”

25 Oct 2014. “Swansea neighbors wary of I-70 expansion plan that goes underground.”

07 Nov 2014. “Denver auditor Dennis Gallagher says I-70 process "rigged."

14 Nov 2014. “Barnes-Gelt: Buy-in necessary on I-70 plan.”

07 Nov 2014. “Auditor Criticizes I-70 Planning Process, CDOT Chief Retires.”

22 May 2015. “Incoming Councilman Accuses Mayor Hancock of Sneaking Millions in Public Projects Past Lame Duck Council.”

07 Jul 2015. “CDOT Will Knowingly Use Old Traffic Projections to Rationalize i-70 Widening.”

13 Jul 2015. “How Highway Expansionists Forced Through Funding for I-70.”

20 Jul 2015. “In final act, Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher fires once more at mayor.”

20 Aug 2015. “Tonight Tell CDOT that i-70 Doesnt Need More Lanes.”

30 Dec 2015. “Highway injustice in Denver’s Latino neighborhoods.”

13 Jan 2016. “Get ready for more traffic as CDOT plows ahead with I-70 expansion.”

19 Jan 2016. “Widening I-70 Won't Solve Congestion, Says Advocacy Report.”

19 Jan 2016. “I-70 expansion plan in Denver huge waste of tax dollars, CoPIRG says.”

02 Feb 2016. “An Expansion Plan For I-70 Through Denver Draws Closer To Reality.”

19 Feb 2016. “Affordable Housing Advocate: CDOT Must Pay for Impact of I-70 Widening.”

16 Mar 2016. “North Denver Neighbors, Sierra Club File Suit to Squash I-70 Boondoggle.”

2016. “I-70 Reroute: Myths and Realities.”


03 May 2012. “Griego: Denver neighbors cheer left turn on I-70 rebuilding plan.”

30 Jun 2013. “Carroll: The future of I-70 in north Denver.”

04 Aug 2015. “Denver's new city auditor signs off on I-70 agreement with CDOT.”

27 Jan 2016. “Colorado Right to Expand I-70 in North Denver.”

Public Comments and Meetings

22 Sep 2014. “Public input sought on major I-70 plan in north Denver.”

20 Nov 2014. “North Denver residents sound off passionately on $1.8 billion I-70 proposal.”

05 Jul 2015. “Drainage project in I-70 deal aims to cut flooding in northeast Denver.”

17 Aug 2015. “I-70 east project subject of town hall meetings.”

07 Jan 2016. “Neighbors worry Denver flood control project could result in destruction of their homes.”

15 Jan 2016. “Cole residents tell Denver planners not to take homes for drainage plan.”

15 Jan 2016. “Public Comment Begins For I-70 East Expansion.”

26 Jan 2016. “Cole Neighborhood Residents Concerned about Storm Water Detention Pond.”

01 Feb 2016. “I-70 Overhaul Public Hearings Start Monday. Here's What It Could Look Like.”

Health effects living near a freeway/interstate

01 Dec 2007. “Is Your Zip Code Healthy?”

01 April 2008. “Potential Health Effects Associated with Residential Proximity to Freeways and Primary Roads: Review of Scientific literature.”

12 Apr 2009. “Road Hazard?: Tufts researchers study health risks highways may pose in neighborhoods.”

10 Jun 2009. “Air pollution from freeway extends further than previously thought: Study finds pollutants 1.5 miles from I-10 during early morning hours.”

17 Oct 2010. “Fast Lane to Autism: Living Near Freeways: Autism More Likely in Kids Whose Moms Live Near Freeways.”

06 Nov 2013. “Living near highways may be hazardous to your health.”

22 Nov. 2013. “Residential Proximity to Major Highways.”

11 Mar 2014. “The risk of breathing polluted air from freeways and high-traffic areas: Research brief.”

14 May 2014. “Air quality monitor near I-5 in Anaheim finds higher pollution level.”

02 Sep 2014. “Residential Proximity to Major Roadways and Prevalent Hypertension Among Postmenopausal Women.”

13 Oct 2014. “Living near major roads may increase risk of sudden cardiac death in women.”

28 May 2015. “What is a safe distance to live or work near high auto emission roads?”

07 July 2015. “Study focuses on health risks from exposure to air pollution near roads and freeways.”

07 Aug 2015. “Air Pollution and Heart Disease, Stroke.” 

Highway Research

17 Jun 2014. “INDUCED DEMAND: What’s Up With That: Building Bigger Roads Actually Makes Traffic Worse.”



03 Dec 1990. “Asarco faces toxics cleanup; 500 residents near Globeville plant to be relocated.”

15 Jul 1993. “Cadmium producer quits mart; Asarco cites economics.”  

17 Dec 2013. “I-70 remake at heart of plan to revive Denver's Swansea neighborhood.”

07 May 2014. “Severed by Interstates: Connectivity Key to Globeville, Elyria-Swansea Plans.”

31 Oct 2014. “A renaissance in Globeville.”

Nov 2014. “Welcome to Globeville.”


04 Nov. 2015. “The parable of gentrification.”

12 Jan 2016. “Gentrification: Globeville & Elyria-Swansea in Denver.”

05 Feb 2016. “Garden Place Academy getting a hand up from volunteers.”



07 Jan 2015. “Neighbors worry Denver flood control project could result in destruction of their homes.”

15 Mar 2015.  “Is Denver's Stormwater Fix an Engineer's Dream — or a Neighborhood Nightmare?” ttp://

21 Mar 2015. “I-70 link, other concerns complicate Denver drainage.”

22 Jun 2015. “Denver council sets hearing on state deal for I-70 and drainage costs.”

05 Jul 2015. “Drainage project in I-70 deal aims to cut flooding in northeast Denver-But opponents of state's $1.2B I-70 overhaul say it shouldn't be linked to storm runoff plan in agreement.”

30 Sep 2015. “Denver tees up $140 million contract to manage big projects in RiNo-Brighton Boulevard overhaul, major storm sewer project are among plans that Kiewit Infrastructure would manage.”  

15 Jan 2016. “Cole residents tell Denver planners not to take homes for drainage plan.”

03 Feb 2016. “Cole Stormwater Position Statement.”

06 Apr 2016. "Platte to Park Hill: Stormwater Systems."

Apr 2016. “Northeast Denver flood-control project could spark lawsuits.”

06 Apr 2016. “Flood-control project lands in City Park as cost estimates jump $100M.”

No Date Available. “EPA Vasquez Blvd/I-70 Superfund Site.”


River North (RiNo) Art District

29 Jan 2014. “Is River North (RiNo) the Most Up-and-Coming Neighborhood in Denver?”

30 May 2014. “Great Divide lifts veil on plans for project in River North.”

13 Feb 2015. “Cover Story: Denver’s rising RiNo neighborhood balances grit, growth.”

22 Apr 2015.  “Household Income in Five Points, Denver, Colorado.”

22 Apr 2015. “Overview of Five Points, Denver, Colorado.”

28 May 2015. “Denver’s trendy RiNo neighborhood to add hotel next to The Source.”

28 May 2015. “River North tax plan aims to spiff up art district by pooling money.”

17 June 2015. “Denver’s River North real estate market in ‘feeding frenzy.’”

03 Sep 2015. “I-70 Expansion in Motion.”

22 Sep 2015. “Catalyst HTI to build 300,00-square-foot building in RiNo.”

06 Nov 2015. “RiNo voters OK higher taxes to fund improvements.”

12 Nov 2015. “RiNo creates Business Improvement District.”

04 Dec 2015. “Rising concern over metro Denver property taxes.”

21 Dec 2015. “RiNo at ‘a boil,’ not cooling off anytime soon.”

2015. “JumpStart 2015.”

2015. “The State of RiNo - 2015.”

2015. “RiNo Art District 2016 Initiatives.”

04 Jan 2016. “13-acre site in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood sells for $32 million.”

16 Feb 2016. “RiNo Five Points Construction Update.”

16 Feb 2016. “World Trade Center Campus Planned for RiNo.”

25 Feb 2016. “New River North Project: Industry Denver Apartments.”

2016. “River North Art District.”

No Date Available. “Five Points.”

No Date Available. “Five Points -Whittier Neighborhood History.”



02 Apr 2009. “The River North Greenway Master Plan.”  

30 Mar 2011. “Deal Sealed for River North Neighborhood Park.”

19 May 2012. “After Ignoring the South Platte River for Decades, Denver is Once Again Panning for Gold.”

May 2013. "South Platte Corridor Study."

06 Jul 2014. "Globeville site nears turning point as Asarco cleanup approaches end."

07 August 2014. “Denver investing in parks along South Platte River.”

10 Sep 2014. “From What River? To River Vision: South Platte Getting $24 Million Upgrade.”

02 Jul 2015. “Johnson Habitat Park officially opens, providing nature-play option.”

2015. “South Platte Project.”

No Date Available. “Park, River and Trail Enhancements.”

No Date Available. “Brownsfield Program.”



10 Jan 2013. “Cattle drive through Denver kicks off stock show.”

11 Sep 2013. “Northeast Denver Residents: We’ve been forgotten.”

23 Dec 2013. “National Western to honor slain Colo. student.” 2013.12.23.

20 Jan 2014. “Marches, rallies and rodeo mark MLK Day.”

01 Feb 2015. “Residents cheer Denver’s National Western plan, but concerns persist.”

17 Feb 2015. “Denver’s $856M National Western funding plan relies on tex extensions.”

17 Feb 2015. “How Denver officials will pay for revitalized National Western Stock Show complex.”

28 Apr 2015. “Nonprofit announces transit-oriented housing near stock show campus.”

10 Jun 2015. “Can Denver’s billion-dollar stock show plan save neglected neighborhoods?”  

22 Jun 2015. “Development in Denver: Controversial Plans Racing Thru Lame Duck Council.”

22 July 2015. “Incoming councilman accuses Mayor Hancock of sneaking millions in public projects past lame-duck council.” [Accessed on January 26, 2016]

04 Aug 2015. “Just the facts for the new auditor.”  

05 Aug, 2015. “Supporters kick off campaign for National Western tax extensions.”

25 Sep 2015. “Barnes-Gelt: Check the costs of Denver ballot issue 2C.”

02 Oct 2015. “Guest Commentary: Stock show is an investment in future.”  

07 Oct 2015. “Backers write checks totaling $1.5M for 3 Denver ballot measures.”

10 Oct 2015. “A “yes” vote on Denver’s 2C.”

10 Oct 2015. “Why Denver voters should oppose Question 2C.”

13 Oct 2015. “Most National Western project funding is online in Denver election.”

17 Oct 2015. “Why Denver voters should oppose ballot issue 2C.”

22 Oct 2015. “National Western Stock Show’s overall goes before Denver voters.”

22 Oct 2015. “Commission chair says “great job” to National Western team, but analyst questions remain.”

03 Nov. 2015. “National Western Center’s Massive Parking Decks could cost taxpayers a bundle.”

09 Nov 2015. “Bright Spot in National Western Plan: New Bike/Walk Routes.”

04 Nov 2015. “The Parable of Gentrification.”

18 Nov 2015. “Stock Show expansion discussed with Colorado regarding tourism funding.” T

01 Dec 2015. “Property acquisition for National Western Center in Denver moving on.”

14 Dec 2015. “Stock show to hold job fair to hire more than 400.”

24 Dec 2015. “Golden’s NREL signs on to help develop National Western energy plan.”

02 Jan 2016. “Stock show pulls in crowd of 675,000 plus.”

08 Jan 2016. “As Stock Show opens, concerns over future expansion.”

20 Jan 2016. “North Denver neighborhoods hope to share in stock show boom.”

22 Jan 2016. “National Western Livestock show grand champion steer earns $117,000 bid.”

23 Jan 2016. “National Western Stock Show Posts Record Sales.”



14 Jun 2013. “Light rail down the road, but up in arms.”

15 Jun 2013. “Moving Light-rail stop at Anschutz campus in Aurora may have Benefits.”

13 Sep 2014. “FasTrack’s East Rail Line to DIA On Track for Early Debut in 2016.”

11 Mar 2015.  “Colorado’s Corridor of Opportunity.”




22 Feb 2012. “RiNo Rising: Part I.”

14 Mar 2012. “RiNo Rising: Part II.”

19 Sep 2012. “Crooked Stave of Denver stands out as a craft beer experimenter.”

27 Feb 2013. “RiNo Rising: Brighton Boulevard and the Transformation of River North.”

09 May 2013. “Epic Brewing closer to brewing in Colorado, targets August for tap room.”

27 Aug 2013. “Denver’s Great Divide brewery on tap for huge expansion, city loan.”

03 Sep 2013. “Denver venture The Source collects artisans, foodies under one roof.”

07 Oct 2013. “Industry Denver workspace on Brighton Blvd to host 400 professionals.”

28 Oct 2013. “The Source.”

11 Feb 2014. “Real Estate Roundup: Reclaiming Brighton Boulevard.”

21 Aug 2014. “Denver rental project in RiNo’s Taxi complex to target young families.”

26 Dec 2014. “River North: DRIVE 2 Final Update.”

02 Aug 2015. “Public Works Needs to Design Brighton Boulevard with the Future in Mind.”

07 Aug 2015. “New River North Project: The Source Hotel + Market Hall.”

13 Aug 2015. “Updated Mill Creek RiNo Renderings.”

03 Sep 2015. “Denver Can Do Better Than Its Shoddy Connection to Transit.”

10 Dec 2015. “Get a Look at the Latest Design Proposal for Brighton Boulevard.”

27 Jan 2016. “Group Opposed to I-70 Expansion Plan Says Their Proposal Is Better, Less Expensive.”

28 Jan 2016. “Denver’s Sidewalk Policy is Designed to Fail, but That May Be Changing.”

29 Jan 2016. “Denver Can Have Great Neighborhood Streets if CDOT Tears Down I70.”



Health Risks

26 Apr 2015. “Air Pollution impacts brain in long term: Research.”

Removing Highways

2007. “Removing Freeways-Destroying Cities.”

Jan 2008. “6 Case Studies in Urban Freeway Removal.”

Displacement and Gentrification

2002. "Community Development: Can Communities Effectively Fight Displacement Caused by Gentrification?"

2004. “Gentrification and Displacement New York City in the1990s.”.

2009. "Geographies of displacement: Latina/os, oral history, and the politics of gentrification in San Francisco's Mission District."

2012. "Resisting gentrification‐induced displacement: Advantages and disadvantages to ‘staying put ’among non‐profit social services in London and Los Angeles."

2013. "The effects of gentrification on neighborhood public schools."

2013. "The nature of gentrification."

23 Mar 2014. Snow, Shawn. “Gentrification in Denver.”

2015 Oct. “The Two Sides of Denver's Real Estate Boom.”

No Date Available. “The Other Side of Gentrification: Health Effects of Displacement.”